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Reverse Mortgage Testimonials

We pride ourselves in our commitment to providing the best service possible. We greatly appreciate the feedback from our customers who we have assisted over the years through the reverse mortgage process. Sometimes you do not know who you are working with until it is too late! Contact Senior Equity Financial today!

We want to express our gratitude to you and Senior Equity Financial for all your help in applying for a reverse mortgage. If it wasn’t for your diligence and professionalism, we would not have been able to stay in our home. Karl, you gave 100% of your time and caring to make sure all went well, even under the most trying circumstances. When all was completed you made us feel comfortable in knowing we could call you anytime with questions. This is not always the case in today’s society. Thank you so very much and the very best to you and your family.
- Needham, MA – August 2011

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help, regarding our reverse mortgage. Without your expertise and willingness to see the process come to a successful conclusion, we are convinced that the situation would not have ended so well. Once again thanks for all that you have done on our behalf.
- Canton, MA – June 2011

Just a brief note to say thank you for all the help you gave me concerning the reverse mortgage so far. I am happy with my decision. It took a longtime for me to make the move, and I appreciate your patience and assistance. I will recommend you to anyone thinking of such a choice. Good luck to you and your brother.

- Newbury, MA – May 2010

I would like to say how comforting and nice it was to have you and the team at Senior Equity Financial advise me in how reverse mortgages work and the necessary requirements for filing of all the papers, etc. Karl, you were most helpful in sharing your knowledge of reverse mortgages in way that allowed me to understand all this information and not feel overwhelmed. You always took your time and were never in a rush. Most important, you always followed through and followed up even after the reverse mortgage was in place. It is a real pleasure to know you really are interested in how I am doing & not just for getting the business. I have recommended your services to other people and will continue to do so.

- Barnstable, MA – March 2009

At First the reverse mortgage seemed too good to be true. My brother and I attended a seminar Craig Phillips and his family presented. To be honest, my brothers support and participation helped me also to get a reverse mortgage. Especially with the US government protection it is one of the best financial moves I have made. My money is not sitting idly I am using it. I certainly recommend Craig Phillips as a professional and a gentleman.
- Andover, MA – June 2007

Dear Karl – Your mother and brother are included in this note of thanks. You all have made my life much more comfortable and life easier. Everyone has been so understanding, and Pam, I want to tell you that you have wonderful sons! With Gratitude to you all –
- Yarmouth, MA – October 2006

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all your kindness and assistance with my many phone calls in regards to our reverse mortgage. We are most grateful to you and all who were involved in our quest to obtain a little security for our remaining Golden Years. Keep up the good work Karl; you are a natural - a great asset. Thank you again for everything and best wishes to you and your family.
- New Bedford, MA – June 2006

I just wanted to say thank you for your assistance with Mom’s reverse mortgage loan. Your professionalism, expertise, and your caring attitude are a great attribute to yourself and your team. Karl, your service to the elderly community does not go unnoticed, may god bless you and your family.
- Major, Logistics Staff Officer, United States Army – September 2005

I would be remiss if I did not take the time to write and compliment on how your company was represented with professionalism and intelligence. Craig Phillips contacted me at my home per phone and told me that one of my family members had given him my name in regards to a reverse mortgage. I was indeed hesitant until Craig met with me and explained the process at great length. At no time did Mr. Phillips make me feel pressured to accept the program. He was well prepared to answer all my questions of concerns. The passing of papers went quickly and smoothly. I am now able to “reap the harvest” for my many years of work. Thank you.
- Centerville, MA – December 2004

My wife called and thanked the both of you last night but I just had to do my thing also. You and Karl were so good to us when we called with our troubles and problems that I couldn’t let my thank you not be heard. All the little things and the few big ones we called you about that didn’t get put aside be either of you and were treated like they were your very own problems and we were not left hanging about for an answer. The answers came as fast as we called and so didn’t the solutions to the problems like I said from the largest to the smallest, they were all treated alike and solved. Lots of other people would have forgotten us after they received our business but not you two. You were there at every call we made and listened to all of the difficulties we were having. This is why I just had to email the both of you and thank you both for a job WELL DONE and we both can’t thank you enough.

PS If you would like to use our names for a reference any time feel free to do so. Also, you can show this to any doubtful future customers.
- Holden, MA – March 2005

Craig, I want to thank you for introducing the “Reverse Mortgage” to my lawyer: Mr. Damon P. Hart. I appreciate you making yourself available to answer my questions and concerns as well as returning my many phone calls. I hope I was not too much of a burden, but I will be forever grateful to you and all who were involved in my case. It is comforting to know that there is still courtesy, compassion, and proficiency and in the business realm for senior citizens seeking financial assistance and guidance. In the future, I will be advising family, friends and associates to contact you for any assistance they may require. So please, keep up the good work and I know you will put another smile on someone else’s face. Thank you, again.
- Dorchester, MA – March 2005

With Special Thanks To All Of You. “To know you is to know people who are kind, considerate, and thoughtful. To know you is to be grateful for the special things you do.” For everything you’ve done…for being the special people that you are…thank you so very much. A word of appreciation for all your help in allowing us to be free of debt payments. From your presentation at the Dennis Senior Center to the last visit by you, your professionalism was outstanding. We sincerely thank you.
- Dennis, MA