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Reverse Mortgage Paperwork

When you apply for a reverse mortgage, we will need the following paperwork to process your application.

Please Click Here for a printable version of this list.

  • Copy of Social Security # Identification (SS Card, Medicare Card, W-2, Ect.) ***Driver’s License not acceptable
  • Copy of Date of Birth Verification (Driver’s License, Passport, or Birth Certificate)
  • Copy of Deed
  • Copy of most recent Tax Bill
  • Copy of Homeowner’s Insurance Policy (Agent Contact Information Acceptable)
  • HUD Reverse Mortgage Counseling Certificate (Must Be Original)
  • Copy of Mortgage Statements (Mortgages and/or Home Equity Loans/Lines)
  • Copy of Death Certificate for any deceased property owners
  • Copy of Power of Attorney, if applicable
  • Copy of Trust, if applicable

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